G.A Dimension offers the following services:

Professional Recruitment: we will help you to recruit and retain the right people for your company and businesses. In our relationships with both local companies and major corporate accounts, we focus our people and business processes towards the primary goal of finding the jobs for the right people, and placed the right people at the right environment.

Salary Survey & Benefit benchmarking: G.A Dimension provides professional Salary and Benefits Survey to its Clients. We believe that by understanding industry salary ranges is critical for maintaining competitive employment conditions. It helps the organization to compare its competitiveness with other organizations within the same industry or those with similar core business. Great Alliances is confidence that our experience and understanding over employment market together with our professional team and international partners, enable us to deliver Salary and Benefits Survey with flexibility and high quality standards.

Payroll Administration outsourcing: G.A Dimension provides our clients with payroll administration services, including payroll preparation, withheld tax calculation and declaration, and recommendations on payroll disbursement methods. All information and transactions are held in strictest confidence. We handle entire payroll operations from start to finish. All clients need to do is provide us with basic employee and payment data and, approve the payroll and remit the amounts due to meet your payroll commitments. The rest will be handled efficiently by our team.

Training & Capacity Building (Students and Job seekers): Are you looking to improve your self-confidence, public speaking skills, and find it difficult to discover the real YOU, or either find it hard to make communication with others… G.A Dimension is here to help. For more information; contact us now at or call to 012 495 666.