Our Mission and Value


What make G.A Dimension a chosen one job agent in Cambodia? 
Every assignment is unique and every search is a unique assignment. It is G.A Dimension’s commitment to deliver results to our clients. Our process is flawlessly executed, and performed with G.A Dimension to detail until the successful candidate is identified.

Our Mission
Knowing that our Client’s success is our success, our mission is to do all in our power to assist our client in their recruiting process through analysis in accordance with the needs of the mandate and the organization, and to ultimately identify and recommend the right individual for our client.

Our Value
We are a team of professionals committed to undertaking our work with integrity and professionalism, and promise a level of excellence and commitment that will lead to long lasting partnerships with our clients. Our values don’t change; they are constant and present in every G.A Dimension employee:

Professionalism: Our behavior is guided by our integrity, mutual respect, and discreetness.

Expertise: Every single staffs of G.A Dimension has an in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in Executive Search within various industry.

Loyalty: We establish long lasting, symbiotic relationships – with both our candidates and our clients.

Honesty: We foster trust, honesty and openly communicate with our clients; we say what we mean, and we mean what we say.

Teamwork: We are committed to leveraging the power of global insight to bring exceptional expertise to every assignment.

Commitment: We strive to exceed our clients’ expectations in the way we perform our jobs: with dedication, focus and passion.

Learn from Outcomes and Lead the Field: We believe that to be able to recognize talent, you must first have talented people working for you. We invest in our own talent to ensure they are “best in their area of expertise” and encourage and support continuous development.